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About Us

Hello! Thankyou for visiting our website we are so happy to have you! Vegan Scoops Est. 2022 was founded with family in mind! Family Owned, Hispanic Owned Small business; Bringing you Delicious desserts made with love!

Our Food truck menu features Hand Crafted Vegan “Ice Cream”inspired by our Cuban Roots, Sundaes and other Fun treat creations! We want to be the most inclusive allergy friendly ice cream truck offering frozen treats to The whole family from infants to our furry family. We are Orlando’s first 100% vegan ice cream truck! Our Food Truck has a Unique Built in Selfie station! Making the perfect backdrop to capture the moment for any occasion!

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We are a customer Focused business. We work to meet our customers' needs with top quality services offering more inclusive options. Offering a fun memorable experience for all!

Company history:

Our story

2016 was the year we ditched dairy for good and went vegan for life! Fast forward to today we have two young children, becoming parents has only emphasized the lack of vegan options available to us, to share and make memories with our children. Many of the large chains that offer dairy free options are made on common equipment by unfortunately not so caring workers (I worked for one for many years & seen it all!) We want to be the go to place for all families vegan or not children with allergies or not we want to be inclusive in a part of every family story creating lifetime memories of going out to get some ice cream a nostalgic memory we can all share in common.

Meet the Fam!

Yeneisy(26)(Mama) Andres(31)(Dada)

Ocean(2) & Blossom(1)

Our inspiration, Reason, & AKA Company Cuties!

About the Menu

Symbol Meanings


100% Vegan & Dairy Free All the Time. No Dairy, no egg,

no honey, animal products, or byproducts. Made on dedicated Vegan Equipment!

Gluten Free Icon. Wheat Symbol in Line. Outline Gluten Free Symbol in Circle. Wheat Product Label. Gluten Symbol in Line

No Gluten. All of our Ice cream Flavors and Waffle Cones Contain No Wheat. Made on Dedicated GF Equipment! Many of our toppings and other items are also Gluten-free look for this symbol (GF)

Eco Friendly

We are Eco Friendly. We are committed to only using sustainable packaging and materials for products even if that means we pay more! Exclusively using plant fiber product packaging including bamboo fiber bowls, cups, & spoons which are 100% compostable and biodegradable

Plastic Free Icon

No single Use Plastic As part of our commitment to be environmentally friendly and conscious choices in our Business. Our drinks are served in glass , boxed , or in compostable cups derived entirely from plants!

Hand Crafted Lettering

Hand Crafted All our Ice Cream is made Fresh From Scratch with Natural Quality Ingredients with Love!

Nuts Free Illustration

Peanut Free No peanuts in any of our products, we know how serious and how common peanut allergies are so in an effort to be more allergy friendly we have made a decision to be peanut free!

without dyes

No artificial dyes, colors, or flavors All Natural all of the good stuff none of the bad!

Cholesterol Free Food

No Cholesterol Unlike dairy Ice Cream

Plant-Based Ice Cream is Naturally Cholesterol Free!


Ice Cream Cone Icon




Hand crafted flavors By the Scoop

All Dairy Free , Gluten Free (GF), Peanut Free,

Egg Free , & Free from Artificial Dye & Flavors!

Mini Marshmallows

Graham Cracker Pie Crust


(GF Available)

Oreo Pieces

(GF Available)

Mini Chocolate Chips



Biscoff Cookies


Spiced Brown Sugar Glaze





Shredded Coconut




Chocolate Syrup



Cuban Cafecito



Simple Handdrawn Straight Line

Strawberry Milk

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gummy Bears

Vanilla Bean


Cookies & Cream


(GF Available)



Strawberry Purée


Piña Colada

Orange Creamsicle




Natural Rainbow Sprinkles


Cookie Butter

Salted Caramel





Guava Purée


Organic Cinnamon


Sliced Almonds


Organic Cinnamon Crunch Cereal

Hand Drawn Watercolor Waffle Cone
Empty Cup Outline

Fresh Waffle Cone or Cup?

Spooky Shaped Crunch Chocolate


$1.99 (GF)

Premium Toppings



Add for $1.99 each

7 oz

12 oz

Cookie Dough



“Crunch” Chocolate




First Topping is FREE add

more $0.89 each

Organic “Nutella”


“Hazelnut Kitkat”


Whipped Cream




Piña Colada Sundae


Half a pineapple with four scoops Piña colada ice cream topped with pineapple pieces sweet condensed coconut milk Sprinkled with Coconut flakes

Cookie Dough Hot Plate


Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie & Double Cookie Dough

topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Mini Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Syrup

Create Your own Sundae

3 Scoops Ice Cream

up to 3 toppings Only $13.99! Add a Waffle Cone

Cinnamon Bun Hot Plate


Warm Soft Cinnamon Bun Topped with

Vanilla Bean Ice cream Spiced Brown Sugar Glaze

and Organic Cinnamon

$1.99 (GF)

Make Any Sundae or Hot Plate a Birthday Day

Sundae! We add a “Happy Birthday” Topper & Candle $2.99

Brownie Hot Plate

(GF) $14.95

Warm Brownie bites

topped with Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Syrup and Mini Chocolate Chips


Create Your Own Milkshake Choose Your Ice Cream Flavor and Enjoy One FREE Topping! Made with Soy Milk can Sub for Almond or Oat Milk

Served In A Glass Jar with Reed Straw for you to Keep!

16 oz $12.99

32 oz



16 Oz 1 for $9.99 or 2 for $18


Cinnamon Bun $6

Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.50

Banana Bread Pound Cake Slice $2.50

Can add any to your Ice cream or have on the side!

Chocolate Bars $3.99



Two Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies with your choice of

Ice cream Flavor! Add a Topping $0.89




Ice Cream Floats $8.99

Affogato Double Shot $8.99

Double Expresso Shot $3.50

Glass Cane Sugar Soda $3.50

Boxed Alkaline Spring Water $3.50

Apple Juice Box $1.50

Chocolate Fudge Cake


Chocolate cake with a Fudge layer topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup

Berry Lemon Cake


Lemon cake with a Cheesecake layer and Raspberry Gelee topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and

Strawberry Purée


Add a Waffle Cone $1.99 (GF)

Campfire Classic


(GF Available)

Double Scoop Creamy Rich Chocolate Ice Cream topped With Graham Cacker Pie Crust, Mini Marshmallows, and Chocolate Syrup



Double Scoop Creamy Rich Cuban Cafecito

Ice Cream Topped With Biscoff Cookie and pieces, and Chocolate Syrup

Cookie Monster


(GF Available)

Double Scoop Creamy Rich Cookies & Cream

Ice Cream Topped With Oreo pieces,

Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Chocolate Syrup

Island Vibes



One Scoop Creamy Rich Piña Colada one Scoop Strawberry Milk Ice Cream

Topped With Fresh cut Strawberry, Pineapple pieces, and shredded Coconut


Check Out Our Upcoming Events We Are So Excited to Meet and Serve You! Please Note this is our only schedule We currently do not have a stationary spot! We are searching Thankyou! 🌱💚🫶

03/23 6-10pm

431 E. Central Boulevard Orlando

03/24 6-10pm

431 E. Central Boulevard Orlando

03/25 10-4pm

Kit Land Nelson Park 10 North Forest Avenue


03/30 6-10pm

431 E. Central Boulevard Orlando

03/31 5-10pm


Ice Cream Sketch Illustration

Why Chose Us?


We Offer Custom Catering Packages for All Occasions Birthdays, Weddings, School Events You Name it and We’ll Work Hard to Make Your Event Special!

Our Diverse Dessert Menu Means You Can Create Your Custom Package To Your Liking. We are Allergy Friendly Meaning More Guest Can Enjoy! Our Built In Selfie Station is Perfect For adding More Fun and Memories to Your Event!

Send an email to with Details of your Event to get started!


We love teaching Students the Science behind Ice cream! They have so much fun learning though our interactive Demonstration, tour of the truck and finish with ice cream served in Eco Friendly Sugarcane fiber cups and Biodegradable Bamboo spoons. Topping bar with all plant based allergy friendly toppings free from any artificial colors!

Questions about School Events? Contact us!


Our prepackaged 16 ounce pints are available at

Main house market in Winter Garden, Florida.

Rotating flavors with layers of toppings! Restocked weekly, but they sell out quickly!

Questions about wholesale contact us!



Cookie Chalked Drawing

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We are here for you let us know how we can help!

Email Us at

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